My brothers and me in our signed
Urlacher      Jersey's from Brian and Cleo and
         Two guys I'm proud to call friends - Jeff  Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy!
Boy, it's good to have that tooth back!)
My trip to Ecuador, South America -  March/April,  2004
Me & my hostess, Bachita!            A Cathedral in Quito            View of Quito from the top of      Performing with my class             My driver and his wife
                                                                                                              of the Cathedral
The Middle of the World Monument and the Equator w/dad
Driving from Quito to Esmeraldes and Atacames through the Rain Forest
Life and housing in the Rain Forest
A church in Esmeraldes         Atacames by the sea resort               Chorlavi Resort                  Chorlavi cockfighting ring              Chorlavi Courtyard
where we sang. So hot!                     Pacific Ocean
Washington, D.C.    June, 2004   
                                Performing    at     Union     Station     in      our       nation's     Capitol
My friend Mr. Jim Doyle
My family in DC                                 At the top of the Washington Monument                                                 At the The WWII Memorial                 
Mayor Rudy Guiliani            Best burgers in Alexandria, VA.                                       A     great      President     is     laid    to     rest