Gala Opening of the Muhammad Ali Center  -  November 19,  2005   Louisville, Ky.
Bernie Yuman/Ali
Bernie Yuman/Ali
Bryant Gumbel
Patrick's mom and
dad at the Ali Gala!
James Taylor
Survivor's Ethan/Jenna
Matt Lauer
Laila Ali
Kris Kristofferson
Bob Costas
Rick Pitino
MAGAZINE!          MAY
23, 2005
Front Page! Sunday Paper      April 17,  2005
Gibson Showcase
-                     Opry Mills
Lane Brody
Stella Parton
Nan Kelley
Vince Gill
'England' Dan Seals

Weekend with Athena Cage - October 10/11, 2005 in Bowling Green, Ky.
Patrick does Ray Charles
Athena/Patrick after show
Posing with the Poster
Singing with Pam Tillis -  July 29, 2005
RECORD            JUNE 25, 2005
Albuquerque/Angel Fire, New Mexico   June/July,  2005  
My mom and brothers in
Cimmaron, NM
at the Vietnam Veterans
Memorial in Angel Fire, NM
Fishing at Eagle's
Nest        Lake in Angel
Fire, NM
Dinner at Texas Reds in
Red River, NM
St. Francis of Assisi
in Taos, NM
Chicago Bears
Linebacker             Brian
Old Town/Albuquerque, NM
It's a long ride to the top of
Sandia Peak!
At the top of Sandia Peak
A somber visit on the
way      home in Oklahoma
FanFair 2005 in Nashville, TN.  -  June, 2005
Aaron Tippin
Lane Brody
Lila  McCann
Cletus T. Judd
Julie Roberts
Billy Currington
Neal McCoy
Buddy Jewell
' Cadillac '
Jeff Bates
Trace Adkins
Kix Brooks
Thom Ellis & friends
Tanya Tucker
The Wilkinsons
Miranda Lambert
Bryan White
Little Texas
Lane Brody & friends
My trip to Italy -  May, 2005
My home in Carpi, Italy
Rehearsing for a concert!
A beautiful day in Italy
Many new friends!
I can be a sculptor, too!
Across the world with mom
A lot of cheese in Parma!
I love my Italian friends
The town of Carpi, Italy
Florence, Italy
Performing at the JFKennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  -  May 16, 2005
In Concert
My Own Street in DC
U.S. Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith
The Concert at St. Francis of Assisi - Fairfield Glade, TN.  -  April 3, 2005
SFA - A beautiful Church!                                           Duets with my dad                                               Mr. Pete Pino w/dad
Patrick performs at the U.S. Capitol  -  March 15th, 2005 - Arts Advocacy Day
Senator Mitch McConnell
"If I were Senator...."
U.S. Representative Anne Northup
At Panasonic North American Headquarters - March 3/4, 2005  -  Secaucus, NJ
Yoshi Yamada/        Elena
Panasonic             Widder/
                       VSA arts
at the piano....
Migdalia Rivera-Taratunio/
 William Rooney
Dinner with Nancy Kanson,
Bill Rooney, and my dad
          <<<<<<<<<<<<<Ronnie Milsap>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
High School Ring ceremony