See ESPN video as introduced by Chris Fowler on College Game day, Dec. 02, 2007

See video of Patrick on ABC World News - Winner of the 2007 Edward R. Murrow Award for feature reporting!
Read Patrick's ABC World News Tonight Feature Nov. 11, 2006
 More ABC World News Video Highlights

See video of Patrick at the College Football Awards Show receiving the Disney Spirit Award -
this includes the ESPN video - an Emmy Award nominee!
See video of Patrick on College Sports Television -
ESPN and CSTV videos here!  
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See Charlie Gibson's broadcast of Patrick's story on ABC World News Tonight
Here is the article Rick Reilly wrote about Patrick which appeared in Sports Illustrated 16 October,  2006.
Patrick In Sports Illustrated!
Here are two nice press releases of Patrick featured by Walt Disney's Wide World of Sports.
Patrick and Disney's Wide World of Sports
News of Patrick Henry appeared on NPR's "All Things Considered".  
Patrick on National Public Radio
Bryant Stamford's piece about Patrick in the Courier Journal on Thanksgiving Day, 2006.
Bryant Stamford's story of Patrick
Photos of me receiving an Ayuda for the Arts Scholorship at Panasonic HQ in Secaucus, NJ where I performed.
Patrick at Ayuda Awards Ceremony
Presentation of inaugural  Patrick John Hughes Band Parent of the Year Award   November 16th, 2007.   
Band Parent of the Year Award
Link to numerous news stories/photos concerning Extreme MakeOver Home Edition    
Stories/photos of the Extreme  MakeOver